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Beginners Guide To Pest Control

Beginners Guide To Pest Control

The “Beginners Guide To Pest Control And Pesticide Safety” Teaches Consumers How To:

  • Control Pests In And Around The Home.
  • Find Alternatives To Chemical Pesticides.
  • Choose Pesticides.
  • Use, Store And Dispose Of Them Safely.

    The following points should be kept in mind while using pesticides :
  • How the pesticides should be prevent to poisoning and how the emergency should be handelled .
  • How the pest control company should be choosed 
  • And what should be the effective measures or precaution if someone is poisoned by a pesticide.

1. Pest Pest Control And Pesticides

First Step In Past Management The Most Effective Strategy For Controlling Pests May Be To Combine Methods In An Approach Known As Integrated Pest Management ( Ipm) That Emphasis Preventing Past Damage. In Ipm Information About Pest And Available Pest Control Methods Is Used To Manage Pest Damage By The Most Economical Means And With The Least Possible Hazard To People , Property And The Environment. an idea of IPM approach for lawn care is highlighted.

2. Identify The Pest Problem

This Is The First And The Most Important Step In Pest Control Figuring Out Exactly What You Are Up Against। Some Pests Are Unmistakable , Most People Recognise A Cockroach Or A Mouse. Other Signs That Made You Think Pest Can Be Misleading। For Example, What Make You Look Like A Plant Disease May Be Infact A Sign Of Poor Soil Or Lack Of Water.

3. Decide How Much Pest Control Is Necessary

Pest Control Is Not The Same As Past Elimination , pests that you get rid of will lead you to more expensive , and repeated material.

Be Reasonably Ask Yourself These Questions:-

Does Your Lawn Really Need To Be Totally Weed Free?

० Recognising That Some Lawns Are Beneficial For Your Lawn,

० Do You Need Every Type Of Fruits, Vegetables And Flower You Grow Or Could You Replace One That Are Sensitive To Hardier Substitute?

० Can You Tolerate Some Blemish Fruits And Vegetables From Your Garden?

० Is Anyone In Your Home Known To Be Best Pest Control

० Choose An Effective Option.

० Evaluate The Result.

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Once A Past Control Method Has Been Chosen And Implemented Always Allow Time For It To Work And Then Evaluate It’s Effectiveness By Taking The Following Steps:-

The conditions with pre and post should be compared. The evidence with clear reduction should be checked.

Weigh The Benefit Of Short Term Chemical Pesticides Against The Benefit Of Long Term Control Using A Variety Of Other Treatments। Including Non Chemical Methods।

It Is Easier To Prevent Pests Than To Control It.
You May Not Need To Worry About The Four Pest Control Steps Just Mentioned If You Made To Prevent The Pest In First Step।

Pests fulfils urge of the basic needs for air, mist, food and Shelter.

The Best Way To Try To Control Pests Is To Try To Prevent Them From Entering Your Home Or Guarden In The First Place।

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Make This Six Steps Part Of A Preventive Health Care Program For Your Lawn :

1. Develop Healthy Soil That Has The Right Ph Balance And Good Texture.
You Can Buy Easy To Use Soil Analysis Kits At Hardware Store Or Contact Your Local Authority For A Soil Analysis.

2. Choose A Type Of Grass That Grows Well In The Climate
For Instance If Your Area Gets Very Little Rain Dont Plant A Type Of Grass That Needs A Lots Of Water। Your Local Service Can Advise You On Which Grass Can Best You In Your Area।

3. Mou High, Mou Often, And Make Sure That Blaze Mover Are Sharp।
Glass That Is Slightly Strong Makes A Makes A Strong, Healthy Lawn, With Few Pest Problem।
Weeds Have A Hard Time Taking Root And Growing When Grass Is Extremely Long।

4. Water Deeply But Not Too Often
The Best Way To Water Is Only When The Lawn Begins To Wilt From Drying When The Colour Dries And Footprints Stay In The Grass For More Than A Second . the water will evaporate thats why we should avoid watering during the hottest part of the day.

5. Correct That Build Up
That Is A Layer Of Dead Plant Material Between The Grass Blades And The Soil. When Thetch Gets Too Thick It Prevents Water And Nutrients Getting Into The Thick।

6. Set Realistic Weed And Pest Control Methods
It Is Almost Impossible To Get Rid Of All Weeds And Pests। However Even A Lawn That Is 15% Weeds That Is Totally Can Be Controlled But Rest 85% Weeds Can’t Control। For This Effective Measures Should Be Made ।

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Using non-chemical pest control ( Manual method )

  1. Spading And Hoeing To Cut Up Weeds.
  2. Hand Picking Weeds From Your Lawn.
  3. Using A Fly Water.
  4. Setting Traps To Control Fly, Water, Rats And Mice.
  5. Mulching To Reduce Weed Growth

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